Mini PC Klassen

Our Box PC Classes

We have based the classification of our box PC series into different classes on the design. In most cases, a box PC is integrated into a given infrastructure and the dimensions are decisive. The design also determines how many and which types of interfaces and expansion options the box PC offers and how these are accessible.


Box PCs in the "flat-size" class are particularly flat. A great advantage is the distribution of the interfaces on all four sides of the enclosure.

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The "Tiny-Size" category includes the box PC series with the smallest dimensions. Here you will find the Spectra PowerBox series 100, 200 and 300.

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Slightly larger, but still very compact are the models of the "Mid-Size" category. Here you will find the Spectra PowerBox 400 and 500 series.

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The largest Box PCs among the small ones are assigned to the "Flexible Size" category. All models of the Spectra PowerBox 3000 series A/C/E are part of this category.

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