Designed At Spectra

From the prototype to the finished product

In the entire development process of our industrial PC systems, we are not only concerned with developing a visually appealing system. It is at least as important to incorporate all our technical experience into the development of the industrial PC systems. Above all, the technical design makes it possible to build fanless and compact systems that are very powerful. However, our claim also includes high quality in production and consistent quality control before a system leaves our premises.
Entwicklung Cad

In-house development 

Our development department is instrumental in the process of spectra's own products. Based on many years of experience in the development of industrial PC systems and the feedback from our customers, our experts are able to develop suitable systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

However, Spectra also develops and manufactures systems tailored to customer requirements.

Fertigung Esd

High manufacturing standards 

At all workplaces in the production, attention is paid to compliance with the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices) guidelines. This is because electrostatic discharges can cause damage to components even during production.

The modern software "refuelling system" saves a lot of time in the production cycle of a computer. All operating systems are up to date and installed with all relevant updates.

Software Betankung

Consequent quality control 

Functional tests are carried out on every industrial PC after the standard installation of the operating system and the first start-up. Stress tests or 24-hour burn-in tests in the heating cabinet are also part of the regular routine in quality assurance. 

And last but not least, checks according to the dual control principle decisively reduce the error rate.

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