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Our service for you!

In our webshop we offer you pre-defined industrial PC systems from Spectra. These systems can only be ordered in the specified configuration via the web shop. The advantage for you is that we have the necessary components in stock, which means that very short delivery times can be implemented.

Of course, you are also welcome to use our services and have individualised or customised systems made. We have summarised the differences between these three variants for you here.

Service Pre Defined


Tested compatibility

We regularly test all our pre-defined systems for compatibility of the individual components. Here, we not only attach importance to good interaction, but also to the best performance values. For you, this means that you do not have to worry about putting together the individual components, but can be sure that you are making a good choice with a system pre-defined by us.

Latest version

If you always want to use the latest hardware and software versions, our pre-defined systems are the right choice. You don't have to worry about the latest developments and innovations on the computer market yourself, we take care of that for you. We update the versions of our pre-defined systems at regular intervals and thus ensure that you benefit from the latest trends. And this does not only apply to the hardware, but also to all updates and bug fixes of the operating system.

Service Individual


Adapted to your application

The special feature of our individual systems is that we can manufacture an industrial PC system adapted to your application from a quantity of 1. It doesn't matter whether you provide us with the specifications and components or whether you explain your application to us and design the system together with our technical sales department. Starting with the design and the equipment up to the operating system, almost everything is possible.

Individualisation is easy

Spectra has a wide selection of components for customisation in house. Whether it is a different memory bar or an extension with function modules for Power Ignition or PoE, there is a suitable solution for everything. But also additional LAN, USB or serial interfaces can be easily implemented with the corresponding plug-in cards.

Service Customized


Special customisation possible

If you have special requirements due to your particular application that go beyond the specifications of the components, then we can help you with our customised systems. Whether it is only a small mechanical adaptation or a completely new development, it does not matter. You discuss your needs with our development department and then receive a proposal for implementation.
Depending on the effort involved, we can show you the development costs separately or add them to the unit price as part of a purchase commitment.

Own design

If you are a manufacturer of machines and systems, you may also want to choose your own design for the industrial PC. In this case, we can offer you everything from attaching your company logo to your own colour scheme to a completely individual design.

Commonality of all systems

Serial number tracking

Of course, we keep a serial number trace of the relevant components for each manufactured system, so that we can always track which component is installed in which system. This is a great advantage for you, e.g. in case of replacement. You simply tell us the serial number of the component and we take care of the rest.

ESD Tested Tuev

Common features of the individual and customised systems

Own article number

Each of our Individual Systems receives its own article number, so that only you have access to the system specified for you. In case of regular demand, this enables easier processing and also clear stocking, if desired by you.

Free choice of description possible 

As we create each individual system as a separate article with a separate production parts list and routing in our ERP system, it is easily possible to store an order designation and description of your choice. This is particularly helpful for you if, for example, your customers purchase the hardware, possibly including your software, directly from us under the description defined by you. A management of the sales is given via the unique article number.

Version security 

For each manufactured industrial PC system, we keep a version number that contains the unique production parts list and work plan. For you, this means that you always receive the same version for recurring orders, because we do not change any version of our individual systems without prior consultation. This is especially interesting for you if you always want to install the same version of our industrial PC in your system, machine or application.

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